Metrohm Process Analyzers

Metrohm Process Analytics has over 40 years of experience with online process analysis

Metrohm Process Analytics combines Applikon’s expertise in online analysis and the know-how of the world’s leader in ion analysis, Metrohm. This combination has yielded analytical instruments that meet any requirements in the process industry. The product range varies from single-parameter analyzers to the most advanced multiparameter Ex Proof Analyzer for the most hazardous environments. With the NIRSystems Process Analyzers, Metrohm Process Analytics is setting the standard for real-time spectroscopic analysis with unmatched stability and performance.

Our family of Process Analyzers brings laboratory analysis online for continuous monitoring and control.

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The 202X series is especially suitable for monitoring chemicals in water and wastewater for several sectors, including chemical, semiconductor, environmental, steel/metal, and petrochemical industries. These analyzers can monitor up to 2 sample streams with dedicated wet chemical methods such as titration, pH, ISE or photometry.

The Process Ion Chromatograph from Metrohm Process Analytics offers unattended, high precision analyses for a wide spectrum of ionic species in aqueous media. The Process IC is available with either one or two measurement channels, along with integrated liquid handling modules and several automated sample preparation options. System modularity, combined with Metrohm’s decades of experience in ion chromatography, makes the Process IC invaluable for process monitoring and optimization.

The 204Y series covers a variety of techniques: from titration, ISE, and colorimetry to voltammetry for trace analysis and CVS for organic additive measurements. This advanced series offers maximum flexibility and can be 100% adapted to your needs. You can operate these analyzers at any location – from a hazardous offshore platform to a drinking water production site.

The 2035 Process Analyzer family is designed with versatility in mind. This series comes in three different configurations – potentiometric, photometric, and thermometric – which can also be combined with additional measuring techniques such as pH and conductivity. Modularity of the wet part of the 2035 Process Analyzer means there is an analyzer configuration for any challenge.

Based on NIR XDS technology, the NIRS XDS Process Analyzer belongs to the next generation of process analyzers for real-time analysis. Nondestructive, accurate measurements are performed wherever a product is moving, for instance, above a conveyor belt, web, or sheet.

The NIRS Analyzer Pro is a process analysis system employing high-resolution diode array technology. It provides nondestructive analysis of granules, powders, slurries, or opalescent substances directly in the process line without bypass – a true inline system.

These modular single-method process analyzers are available as titrimetric, ion-selective, and colorimetric versions and can be applied for wet chemical control in many industries.

These process analyzers offer single-parameter monitoring of water and wastewaters at an attractive price. Simply connect to the process and you’re all set!

Official agencies and research bodies worldwide use MARGA to monitor air quality by analyzing gases and aerosols in ambient air.