Optics and Optomechanics

In the field of optics and Optomechanics Our products in terms of Quality, stiffness, accuracy, durability and price are the best. Our Product have been adopted not only in the filed of R&D and laboratories (Optical, Bio, QC labs and etc) but in many production device for supporting Optics, Opto-electronics, Opto-mechanics Industries and etc.

Due to the large variety of products and different applications, our products are classified as follows:

Application Systems: Application systems are product that used in R&D and industries for measurement, inspection, evaluation, analysis, production and product assembly line.


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Optics & Optical coatings: High precision polishing optical products and high-quality coatings used in R&D and industry. We are able to offer a wide variety of optical elements based on our high production technologies and years of experience.


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Interferometers: Introduces several different setup for interferometry such as Michelson Interferometer, Fizeau Interferometer and Mach-Zehnder Interferometer.

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Holders: Holders are optical mounts that used to holding or position optical components including optical filters, optical lenses, prisms, polarizers, lasers and etc.

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Bases: In this category we offer products such as Bases, Posts, brackets, Adapters and… for locating and securing optical components on an optical breadboard, Optical Tables or Vibration Isolation Systems.

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Manual Stages: Stages used for positioning in any directions (X, Y, Z,α, β, θ). Suitable for various purposes including optical experiments for research and development and assembly in systems.

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Motorized stages: Motorized positioning stages, controllers and software for supporting the equipment automation, application of measurement and inspection.

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Actuators: Optosigma Actuators are divided in two parts: manual actuators such as Micrometer Heads or Fine Pitch Screws used for manual positioning and Motorized Actuators that provide customers the ability to upgrade and motorize manual stages for remote and computer control.

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Light Sources: Light Source (Laser Diode, Helium-Neon Laser, LED light source), Detectors, Laser Safety Equipments and Light Source Accessories (used to control a light source) of examples of products that are presented in this category.

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